COVID-19 Response Kit
COVID-19 Response Kit
COVID-19 Response Kit
COVID-19 Response Kit

COVID-19 Response Kit

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Templates to help you convey calmness, competence, and control in a crisis:

The COVID-19 crisis caught us all off guard. With growing uncertainty and fears of a growing meltdown, your communications strategy has been more important than ever. At best, the wrong communication strategy makes you sound tone-deaf, flippant, and predatory. And at worst? You can do some lasting damage to your business.

The following guide and communications templates will help you communicate your key messages to your audience, and takes some of the stress out of an already stressful situation.

Perfect for:

  • Freelancers, agencies, and B2B service businesses
  • E-commerce stores
  • Brick & mortar businesses
  • SaaS companies
  • Retailers

What's inside:

  • Planning Your Messaging Strategy
  • Key Messages
  • Emails for freelancers, agencies, and B2B service businesses
    • When you need to reschedule a project
    • Client asks to reschedule
    • Taking an in-person event online
    • Email to current client offering support
    • Reaching out to a past client to reconnect
  • Emails to customers
    • E-commerce
      • General
      • Business As Usual
      • Delays
    • Delivery Services
    • SAAS
    • Brick & Mortar 
      • Service-Based Business 
      • Updated Policies 
      • Store Closures 
    • Retail Businesses
      • Store Closures 
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Resources 
    • Virtual Collaboration 
    • Remote Team Management 
    • Setting up Your First Shopify Store 
    • Equipment You May Need 


And we're going to keep updating it as the situation continues to develop!

If you purchase the kit, and don't see what you need in there, email us and we'll help you figure out what you need to say.

If you can't afford it right now, email us at

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